Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Journey

                                                The Journey

Words of wisdom
"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way."

      When Chander came upon this piece of writing it struck a very deep chord within him. This was mainly attributed on his personal circumstances too. As Stephen Greenblatt had quoted “Art always penetrates the particular fissures in one’s physic life”. He just found out to be true. How strange that simple things which he books had to offer shows a lot of light on oneself. Today he would relish for the fact that he has survived 10000 days of existence in this wicked world. It would merely mean a number to others, but to him it meant 10000 days of struggle, pain and all complexities that life would have been better had he born a different person.         
      With just little hope he went to the central library today when he saw a book which just costed him 100 bucks. With such a rate he would certainly not buy a diamond but that would even not stop him from buying a book.  He would always consider books to be an open source of wisdom that preach some important lessons without paying much. 
      The night was just a regular night in his life where he would embark on a 10 min walk from his work place to home. Then it was followed by his regular dinner which included some shrimps and rice and would occasionally settle down for boiled potatoes too. However today he did have that book which he carried from the central library. Having finished his dinner he just embarked on a journey that the book had to offer him once he started reading it with the words of wisdom at the top.

                                                                CHAPTER 1

Cluttered in the protective arms of my mother was me where I could possibly behold all the happiness of my life. Well to be frank I never felt the warmth of the sun as enduring and caring as I felt being hugged in her arms. My memory would be faded as I was born but to the farthest corner of the world if I remember I could recall my innocence of the age when it came when I was around 2 yrs old. Those little memories I had had flown along with me since I grew in this miserable world.  A very diminishing image of my father had grown in me and I could recall him coming back to see me as soon as the clock would strike 5 PM. A little could I believe with both of my parents around me I would surely have been one happy Soul? Probably one last time where I could have been happy was on the second of March.
With all the little I heard from my momma was that my father was killed in the road accident. He would have been a careless person to just cross the roads while answering to an important phone call. The call surely did the most fateful thing that could have happened to the child. I was 2 yrs 08 months and 12 days old when suddenly my momma was left with the toughest responsibility she had to face in the coming future.
As a child I would often believe in fairy tales. Those stories which i grew up listening would somehow not fall in the correct place. I would listen to ma talking of an old rip van winkle that would sleep for as long as 20 yrs in some old days. How I wish i could have slept throughout those 20 yrs of my early days. Something I would have surely been happy of. But life teaches lessons of its own and sometimes the simple lessons of life would come from miseries and pain.
My mother on the other hand was not afraid of the afterlife. Of what is death after all? Where the soul leaves the weak body so that it doesn’t endure the suffering of a body. But all she was afraid of was the death which was imminent because of her lifelong of family sufferings which she have seen throughout her life. Her brother died of some cancer some decades ago, probably the time when the cure for the disease was not found and also the death of my father was before her. She would often hold me tight whenever I was to go away from her. Be it the school days where I where she would hold me tightly in her arms and would often talk about distinct possibility of not seeing her again or of those tiring long nights where she would often be awake ensuring i slept in peace which i thought was just to express her unconditional love. I would often be afraid to ask her of her actions which resulted in the beginning of unrest in my heart. But my curiosities of the questions were far less than the reality itself. I never thought that when the reality would strike this unrest would take the form of fear which would perhaps stay with me forever.