Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Melancholy Cry

The feelings of Love in my Heart was over
I threw it off thinking it’s a Poisoned fruit
I poured graffiti on the walls of my temple of devotion
Smashed the window to escape from the Shelter of my love.

A feeling of loneliness replaced the feeling of being together
The noises from my Present replaced the harmony in my past
The lifeless plant on a pot replaced the Roses, which I once gardened
Two glasses of fine Scotch replaced the Romantic setting of French Wines

I have forgotten the feeling of your hands
I have forgotten how your lips feel on mine
I have forgotten how your happy voice sounds
I have forgotten the way you have loved me

In the Voidness of my life I feel your presence
But there is a doubtful Space, which empties itself
I see you drowning into an Ocean and pull you out
Just to see if your heart still beats for me

The time spent were a lot more fun with you around
We dreamed up a Lovely house by the Lakeside
Of Nuptial vows and spending the winters cuddled
Next thing I know you’ll say you want a Baby.

There is always an Image in the Solitary mirror of heart
Hiding within itself every untold emotions and feelings
Igniting a stove in our world that burns without feelings
And a final kiss to the Matchstick that burnt our dream down.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Last Kill: Part 2

                                                        Character Identification: Allen

"Even the Bravest of men with tough arm have a soft heart". For Allen it was always extremes when it comes to living his life. A life devoid of love and filled with Pain for he knew that soon a day would come where he would sacrifice this hardships for a beautiful tomorrow. He just wished when that happens the time freezes instantly so that he could live his hard years completely again in a more beautiful way.

But then even the bravest Soldiers with a heart of a lion will be paralysed by fear. A fear so vivid, so radiant that it would shape the future of his life.


Surrounded by a Beautiful valley of Mountains, Rivers and some amazing Flowers stood Allen a Lt. Colonel then in awe of beauty and Pride of being given an Opportunity to serve his country. He had withstand many hardships many Failures to reach this phase of life where he could have been contended with what life had given him.

Whenever he would get a chance he would start writing about his experiences in a Diary. A diary filled with his secrets and Darkness of Youth which he did not want to be remembered again. 

Excerpt from Diary...Page 3

"As a child I would often believe in fairy tales. Those stories which i grew up listening would somehow not fall in the correct place. I would listen to ma talking of an old rip van winkle that would sleep for as long as 20 yrs in some old days. How I wish I could have slept throughout those 20 yrs of my early days. Something I would have surely been happy of. But life teaches lessons of its own and sometimes the simple lessons of life would come from miseries and pain.

My mother was never afraid of the afterlife. Of what is death after all? Where the soul leaves the weak body so that it doesn’t endure the suffering. But all she was afraid of was the death which was imminent because of her lifelong of family sufferings which she have seen throughout her life. Her brother died of some cancer some decades ago, probably the time when the cure for the disease was not found and also the death of my father was before her. She would often hold me tight whenever I was to go away from her. Be it the school days where she would hold me tightly in her arms and would often talk about distinct possibility of not seeing her again or of those tiring long nights where she would often be awake ensuring I slept in peace which i thought was just to express her unconditional love."   


Today Allen is a wanted criminal accused of Murdering his Brigadier,  bombing his own Squad of Soldiers and now a Killer who has this one last task to do to clear his name from all records.