Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Melancholy Cry

The feelings of Love in my Heart was over
I threw it off thinking it’s a Poisoned fruit
I poured graffiti on the walls of my temple of devotion
Smashed the window to escape from the Shelter of my love.

A feeling of loneliness replaced the feeling of being together
The noises from my Present replaced the harmony in my past
The lifeless plant on a pot replaced the Roses, which I once gardened
Two glasses of fine Scotch replaced the Romantic setting of French Wines

I have forgotten the feeling of your hands
I have forgotten how your lips feel on mine
I have forgotten how your happy voice sounds
I have forgotten the way you have loved me

In the Voidness of my life I feel your presence
But there is a doubtful Space, which empties itself
I see you drowning into an Ocean and pull you out
Just to see if your heart still beats for me

The time spent were a lot more fun with you around
We dreamed up a Lovely house by the Lakeside
Of Nuptial vows and spending the winters cuddled
Next thing I know you’ll say you want a Baby.

There is always an Image in the Solitary mirror of heart
Hiding within itself every untold emotions and feelings
Igniting a stove in our world that burns without feelings
And a final kiss to the Matchstick that burnt our dream down.



  1. I loved every bit of it..feels like robert plant and alison krauss duet is ON :)

    1. Jazz u've been sweet with ur comments on my Post....Thanks for that!

  2. Hey Ankit,
    Nice poetry!! I liked a lot..share some more if you have.
    sumit srivastava