Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Words have moved..

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The Blog address has changed but the words have increased needless to say gets better. So see you everybody in my Wordpress site. 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Worse, The bad, The Ugly: June

O My Dear friend
Its a feeling in me that's lost
Its a voidness in my heart
Its a Spirit in me thats broken
Its a life in me which died that day

Sitting by the cosy lazy afternoon
When June had just began to spring
That dull afternoon & Lazy Sunday
Was a day that was the Sad, Bad & Ugly

The flight of love had brought you down
The shattered pieces of an Aircraft holds you
The love of your life has now taken you away
To a flight where there's no returning back

I remember your words, advice and laughter
Which is lost in me forever now
if there's a god I definitely do pray aloud
If only for this last time you could return if Possible

The one last time I could hold you back
The one last time I can hear you
The one last time I could Talk to you
The one last time I could be with you

O My Dear friend
The laughter in house has turned to sorrow
The smile in your face has now freezed
The talks of you have become memories now
The place where you stay has become farther now

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heart vs Mind: May

When I looked into my heart
it beats with the feeling of getting hurt
When I looked into my heart
Passion & emotions wrinkle in it as an Art

When I looked into my Mind
the vision in me almost got me blind
When i looked into my Mind
I clearly see the benefits of being kind

When I looked into my heart
the love in us have drifted miles apart
when I looked into my heart
It yearns to forget and have a fresh start

When I looked into my mind
I see the temple of love destroyed by wind
When I looked into my mind
I see the world has already left me behind

The month of May as my Heart Say
Kindles the broken dreams which floats on bay
The month of May as my Mind believe
Stitches those little fragments of love as I grieve

Posted for the Month of the Year Challenge . Cheers!

Deceptive April

Under the blanket of Sweet dreams
Above the horrors of a Dark future
Beyond the controls of fate & destiny
I breath in a beautiful lovely today.

Nostalgic on the Path of a broken Road
Waiting for the train to take me to place
Where Memories reside and Sings a Lullaby
I breath in a beautiful lovely today.

The Engines burnt and flight took off
Lifting me from a Place I lived seven months
They were days of Happiness & Sorrow but
I breath in a beautiful lovely today.

I am now in a place where I belong
where family loves & friends tell a Tale
The Month Of a rhyme-less April
I breath in a beautiful lovely today.

Somehow there is an Unrest in my heart
A candle lit off by a cold fresh Air
The unrest questions the reality and my lies
I breath in a beautiful lovely today?

Although I supposed to keep this is drafts I now go ahead & publish the Post for the Month of the Year Challenge . Cheers!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Homecoming March

Time was short but the wait was longer
Like a wandering soul I was restless
For the days to Pass and nights to end
It was my home coming, it was my home coming

The familiar streets waited for my arrival
The familiar voices called out my name
The familiar faces were waiting to smile
It was my home coming, It was my home coming

The needle pointed to the direction of my home.
The Winds blew from the place of my own
The birds carried out the message to the Place
It was my Homecoming, It was my homecoming

There are little remains of this place
And every precious hour had to be saved
I knew i had 25 days of March before
It was my homecoming, It was my homecoming

Along the dark carpet a welcoming Aura emanates
A patient month will finally bid its farewell
To the houses and the people I call my own
It is my Homecoming, It is my Homecoming...

Written for the post  Month of the Year Challenge . Cheers!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lovely February

A gentle smile greeted them
of winning Promises and trust
A Gentle breeze greeted us
of Calm day and a Joyous month

It was a month of love
It was a month of Celebration
It was a month of birthdays
It was the month of february

I remember the Cold mornings
I remember the tender love
I remember my broken hand
I remember those painful stitches

Yet i have a voidness within me
of nostalgia & candied memories
I let myself fall from a height
only to pick myself up again.

There was still a gentle breeze that night
there was still some wine flowing that night
Cheering to the celebrations that night
It was the month of february that night

This is a post for  Month of the Year Challenge . Cheers!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fresh January

I stayed awake Welcoming the year
With an open Arms and Gloomy eyes
Counting for the year which promised
Long Health and short pains

Yet the Year began with an Hangover
Where there was no regret of yesterday
The previous night was a celebration of Victory
Of survival, of new friends and new Place

The days here were Long and Hot
The winds here were Strong and Fierce
The lights here were dark and Gloomy
The people here were amazing and Good

We went to the beaches of Atlantic
Where fun and anxiety stayed at bay
We drank our hearts out that day
We cheered to friendship and companionship

Yet it was the first month of the Year
It was the beginning of a new start
How i was wrong when i Said
It promised Long health and Short pains.

This is a post for  Month of the Year Challenge   Which I just happen to come upon randomly.

At times Randomness brings you close to something or conspires you to bring out what you have been hiding within yourself. So true in this case.

This randomness did bring out some emotions of Joy and Self-Discovery that I can easily say has been the best time of my life. Looking forward for writing about the other months too.