Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Worse, The bad, The Ugly: June

O My Dear friend
Its a feeling in me that's lost
Its a voidness in my heart
Its a Spirit in me thats broken
Its a life in me which died that day

Sitting by the cosy lazy afternoon
When June had just began to spring
That dull afternoon & Lazy Sunday
Was a day that was the Sad, Bad & Ugly

The flight of love had brought you down
The shattered pieces of an Aircraft holds you
The love of your life has now taken you away
To a flight where there's no returning back

I remember your words, advice and laughter
Which is lost in me forever now
if there's a god I definitely do pray aloud
If only for this last time you could return if Possible

The one last time I could hold you back
The one last time I can hear you
The one last time I could Talk to you
The one last time I could be with you

O My Dear friend
The laughter in house has turned to sorrow
The smile in your face has now freezed
The talks of you have become memories now
The place where you stay has become farther now


  1. Such a beautiful poem!! broke my heart!!!

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