Thursday, December 20, 2012

Homecoming March

Time was short but the wait was longer
Like a wandering soul I was restless
For the days to Pass and nights to end
It was my home coming, it was my home coming

The familiar streets waited for my arrival
The familiar voices called out my name
The familiar faces were waiting to smile
It was my home coming, It was my home coming

The needle pointed to the direction of my home.
The Winds blew from the place of my own
The birds carried out the message to the Place
It was my Homecoming, It was my homecoming

There are little remains of this place
And every precious hour had to be saved
I knew i had 25 days of March before
It was my homecoming, It was my homecoming

Along the dark carpet a welcoming Aura emanates
A patient month will finally bid its farewell
To the houses and the people I call my own
It is my Homecoming, It is my Homecoming...

Written for the post  Month of the Year Challenge . Cheers!

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