Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life is not a "BED" of roses

At times it is said "Life is not a bed of roses".  When i used to read it in my childhood i would never have understood its true meaning. Life as a teen is much simple. requires no understanding of this world what so ever. The life was full of simple innocence. but as i grew i tried fully to understand the place, the people and to very much life also. Life has very surprised me at each stage. The more i learn the more complicated it seems to me.

The evil has succumbed the earth at a much larger scale. Unrest pains & sorry have became a shadow of life. There ain't any household where the great destroyers like death and disease have not touched and casting a dark spell of sorrow. Life has its way of teaching lessons and i feel that the bitter truth of life is fully understood/learnt when we feel bad or when sorrow has struck. That's the God's mean to say that "Life is never full of roses"

There is also a thing or two about the personal satisfaction. A child cries to be a man, The man cries for the lost innocence of childhood, The poor man always rubs his poverty to which he is bound, and the rich lives under the fear of poverty. All this in search of happiness. Happiness by the fact can only be achieved when there aint any grunt or ego in ourselves. But with such realism where no satisfaction could be filled, all we can do is just work our way throughout and be ready for all the surprises be it good/bad and face it. So the life also has a way to teach us that it never full of roses. 

I write this article with many curiosity in mind. Not that i have not understood what life is, but with such complexity i would never be understand about life. A curious mind could never be stopped.

 Mind i feel is just like a running motor. It continues to gather and give us output with the alternating currents, but the advantage of motor is that it could be stopped anytime whereas mind could not. It continues processing every time. 

Until the next time where i can write more, some questions need to be raised and definite reasons need to be answered. Until then CHEERS to life!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yes "LIfe is indeed not a bed of roses",I could say that with my recent experiences...But coming to your blog, I think you have asked some very genuine questions...Even the happiest man of the world would stop by to ponder over the real complexity of life!!!