Saturday, October 15, 2011

I did it....TOMORROW

“Paradox”...This was precisely the one word that came into my mind when I first thought of the title.

Living in this age where everything seems to be running at great speeds, man with the help of the Technology which he made has made this world a small place to live in. People changed, infrastructures changed, the way we look in to our lives changed, the way we travel, the way we communicate, the way we live everything’s changed yet the only thing which ever remained constant was “TIME”. It’s just like the derivatives of mathematics. Everything changes with respect to something. And in this case, all changed with respect to time.

Time would be a very irrelevant factor when it comes to the thinking of mind. Our mind revolves around the reference of objects called “Time Frame”. What we think of now may not happen to us in future or whatever we think of the past may not have happened to us now. We must exercise our mind to live on NOW.
Mind has 3 frames of time. Past, Present and future. Time and mind are inseparable. Once we remove the time from mind, the mind would stop unless we choose to use it. To a human mind time would only be an illusion. The mind would think of past as well as future as without past there would be no identity. We are in present because of past, our past actions have made us to create actions what we do at present and the future goals would determine the actions we carry out in present. 

But frankly to me there was never a sense of rightness in this. As I have learnt from some books by a good philosopher Eckhart Tolle, "Time isn’t precious but all the things that are beyond an illusion of time". Nothing ever happened in past which is not present. The past is just a memory shade, Stored in our mind as the former present. By thinking of past we just switch on the button of the memory shade and the future is just an imagination, a projection of our mind what tomorrow holds for us. The more we go beyond this the lesser would be the fear of the present. The past and the future would have no significance; they are just a reality that is borrowed from the present. A full concentration of the present would definitely make a mind more sharper and more active towards work. The past and the future should be just a illusion.

May be this is the reason I find that some people engage themselves in adventurous sports or death defying stunts. They would always think and concentrate of the present rather than thinking if they would be alive. The focus of the mind is just in the present.

So if present was taken a single reference all activities of past have been present at that time and all actions we do in future is the present of tomorrow.

For me this ever increasing enthusiasm in time has led me to write something which has been hunting me down since the time a friend of mine asked me to write something on this topic. Although the contents on this may have very less to mean by the title but such thoughts and ideas ran into me thinking of the topic. May be someday I would learn answers to all my enthusiastic and my curious mind but as of now I would chase down every single aspect, every single experience towards the subject after all I was keen to write this article and if I post tomorrow then from the present point of view I would definitely say “I DID IT…..TOMORROW”


  1. TIME...the most complex of all the topics...finally someone has tried to put some light on it and that too so effectively...great thoughts indeed makes this blog an awesome read!!

  2. hey thanx aki for ur thoughts... highly appreciated :-)