Thursday, February 23, 2012

The "Journey"----Part II

                                                    The Journey- 2

"The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt signs. please ensure all seat belts are fastened and all trays are secure in their upright position. We will be landing shortly so on behalf of Qatar, thank you for flying with us and we hope you enjoyed your flight"

The voice from the cabin crew coming over from the intercom was almost faint and yet robotic in speech. A faint buzz passed through my ears before the voice almost broke down and then stopped. This was almost a long journey flying around half the world finding pieces of my life still open. I almost fell sleep the last night when i begin remembering the bad memories which i had in my early childhood days. Yet i was reluctant to take up this journey. As its told a bad phase is always a god sign that there are good days ahead. the night is always dark before the dawn. and somehow I found myself related to this phase quite a few often. Not that my life was eminent of only bad goings it did have some good and positive things to look forward to. The body was almost numb after being seated for 7 hrs flight from Doha to London. The book I got the other night from the pavement was still in my bags and yet for this long hrs i didn't want to read this book.

The flight was rough with regular turbulence but the people were more interesting to me than the weather. Much to my luck of which bad luck had the largest count if it had, I got the middle seat. An overweight women was on my right who would use me as her pillow on almost the maximum duration of flight which i even willingly allowed her and to my left a grown well teen of around 17 with god knows why he was travelling alone on this full flight. While the descent announcements were made the young teen was courteous enough to offer me a half eaten pack of peanuts. When I shook my head he sniggered and stuffed a handful into his mouth chomping with bits tumbling from his mouth on his almost white shirt.

As my little bit of good luck would have it i was one of the first off the plane only to be the last to collect my luggage. A failed attempt of an Anger Management student would have found himself in the middle of yet another session but i tried to keep myself relaxed adjusting my Watch to a new time zone and keeping the track of the snow that was ahead of me when i was to go out of the airport. With all the procedures of the immigration and visa finishing i went out of the airport and signaled a Taxi to begin a new chapter of my life where there is a quest for finding solutions to some questions which were left unanswered. some people who never cared and some issues which needed to be resolved. I call this part of my life "The Journey"

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