Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where's my Problem

125 days!!! I was looking in brief actually staring at this particular number 125. History has it that there is no significance of this particular number but as I would know it’s been 125 days since I last published any thought or any random topic which would have its inception ever since I want to write about it. 125 days where I would give some lame excuse to myself but today I've decided to be true to me, my inner self.

So enough with those little stats above there and Yes I am here back to my BlogSpot. Life has not been that good for the past 3 weeks now. The air is open and a Vacuum is created in the airspace over here which is slowly eating up everybody right now. These are hard times where you really ask questions that do God’s really exist or are they some mythical characters like The Superman. I went through some series of motions in between these 125 days which I would like to share on the blog as I consider this as my first blog.

Writing the story “The Journey” which by the way is finished and to handful some who still want to read a not so happy ending story I shall be pleased to mail you after a couple of weeks though as I still believe that being the creator of the story I can always change it as per my convenience. Anyways I built this character Chander in the story that always used to create problems to keep his life occupied. And this has really been my problem right now thinking that do all persons or at least the maximum of earthlings live in a world which is full of problems? Let’s go for a deeper roll now!!!

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Sometimes I feel that deep within us is always a human who hates us for what we are. It hates us of what we’ve made of ourselves in this perpetual search of victory and success. In this time it is really difficult to live in a world devoid of problems.  In a near future if at all there is a world without any problems then at that particular time I would consider that to be my biggest problem. We create problems only to solve it at a later stage and those the cycle of life goes on! Waking up having breakfast create a problem solve it and then have dinner and sleep only to wake up again. This has become the life cycle of almost everybody (I assume I can generalize at this stage). So what is the solution to this problem of problems? It’s Simple, Death. No Man =No Problem.

At times I wonder how I land up in such silly stupid thoughts and yet I decide to write them. But it gives me ease within myself. A power to actually remind me that no matter what the solution I might come up to the li’l problems they are only the gateways to newer problems. To be frank I am not happy. And making these statements and thinking might make me realize is it my common problem or a general problem. How do I tackle it? Where can I get motivation to move ahead of time and create a general space where I can be happy and satisfied? But then the questions which might look simple require complex answers and deep after years I should be confidently able to read this blog again and rethink was I correct? and until then I shall live with whatever and wherever Life is taking me or asking me to do & I shall keep asking myself…”Where’s my problem???”   


  1. Ankit...I see so much of emotions and turmoil inside..Dilon me tum apni betaabiyaan leke chal rahe ho toh zinda ho tum.. #So-you're-living-the-life :)

  2. Well first congrats for completing "The Journey"...And as for this blog the line, "if at all there is a world without any problems then I would consider that to be my biggest problem" was the soul the blog..Loved it great read..!!

  3. Nice post! Regarding problems in life..I aint no saint to advice you but I definitely know one thing..how much ever we try to run away from our problems they keep coming back to us..I have many problems in my life (both personal and professional) but then my experiences says that despites of having million zillion of problems..life moves on..how you face the problems and tackle them makes you different from others..our problems might shake up, break up, make us frustrated and irritated to the core...but having faith on self and moving ahead makes us 'extra' ordinary..tats my view! You might differ :)