Saturday, July 28, 2012

When the Rains Come down

Hello everyone. people have been wondering and asking me why most of my posts are dark oriented. Well life's never a happy ending times of our lives we seem to give ourselves a reality check. This is the world we live in. Dark, Lively, Happiness, Sad all forms a cycle of life. 

Rains on the other hand always catches my imagination. the clouds are dark above but they bring immense Joy into people's life. Just tried to wrote what came in mind when I see the rains coming down. 
                                                 Captured on a Fine Rainy Afternoon

On a dull Monday Afternoon
the trees Starts moving violently
the breeze is almost fierce
I see the rains coming down.

I see umbrellas everywhere
people running towards shelter
but how I wish I could dance
When the rains come down.

The sky is now almost dark
the roads are almost flooded
the surroundings is getting cooler
When the rains come down.

The Seconds turn to Minutes
and the minutes to hours
how I wish the time freezes
When the rains come down.

People get matured and turn old
people live and then die untold
If somehow I could be child again
When the rains come down.