Monday, October 22, 2012

Of those Many Little Things

"Past is gone, Present is a gift & future is Uncertain".

I shall put it this way or may be say I am living in now. Pretending that tomorrow's gonna be a better day. Well for starters I do wish at times that tomorrow shall be a day where there's no guilt, no sorrow, no repentance or no grief with my Past. no Grief that what I could do today, no grief of what I could have done in the Past.

There are untold words
Which I need to say
There are beautiful moments
Which I need to replay

There were amazing times
Which I need to rewind
There were some people
Who I wish were kind

There were things
which i needed to Change
There were Friends
Which I wish were never strange

There are memories
Which needs to be erased
There are dreams
Which needs to be chased

There were So many things
Which Is filled with regret
There are so many things
Which I now wanna complete.


  1. relative. and great comfort to know that i'm not the only one who carries these feelings inside :)

  2. Simple,yet so complete..Best till date..!!