Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Last Kill -- Part 1

Am I alive???

These were the first thoughts when Allen woke up from his sleep. He laid on a bed and his mind was continuously racing with the reality. Was it the dream or a dark distinct Reality? He started to observe the surroundings now thinking if that could give him an idea of where exactly he was.. Allen He checked on his watch and the time was just 10 mins to 6 in the evening. Everything around him was white. He could see many people around him, everybody Alien. Just a minute observation was sufficient for him to know he was in a Hospital!

Yesterday: 18 hrs Earlier…

“I am not gonna shoot somebody I don’t know”… Allen said in a commanding manner to Charlie whom he met just hrs ago on a train. Charlie was little pleased with the way Allen was behaving to him. You see Charlie taking a life has never been my area of Interest. Charlie almost was amazed by the mere mention of those words. Come on Bro you do feel little upset but you need to remember that Passion is never destroyed. Its just about time everything would be alright, Let me put it this way. Have that kill and the deal shall be finished. You go home a happy man and me I will be contended. with whatever you did, I am definitely not that type of Person who finishes with a Happy ending.

Killing is an art which never grows Old, said my master once Allen. Of all you need to focus on the guy now your subject your main opponent. His name is Peter and he shall be coming by this route tomorrow morning at exactly the same time.  After he finishes his morning work he takes this route to go see his lawyer everyday. Allen just asked out of curiosity. But why a Lawyer? Well my sources close to him says his relationship with his wife has never been nice. Always fighting and he’s sure his wife is cheating on him. So you have your chances when he cross the Ring Road as its always empty and your chances of killing him and running away increases to One- Hundred Percentage. You kill him and come to me I shall be waiting for you in the place where we are standing right now. The Ritchie Street and we shall set the deal which was promised to you. Allen was convinced in the plan which was said to him and he knew he would hit the Jackpot once the work is finished. And all he had to do now was stay calm and finish this one Job which was his doorway to life. He knew this night would be the longest in his life.